Looking for a home?


When looking for a new home, buyers need to focus on finding an experienced REALTOR® who understands your wants and needs but also has the insight to navigate through a tough seller’s market.  Buyers also need someone who also holds pride in their integrity and works hard to earn your trust. With over 10 years of buying experience in North Texas, LUXE Living is the perfect fit.  We are here to help you through the house hunting process, advise you on market trends, and provide important details regarding local communities and property conditions.  You will be able to see comparable homes for sale, track sale prices in the desired neighborhood and gain insight on many other aspects of a real estate purchase.

Before starting your search, one of the first steps is to decide on a budget, after determining your purchasing power with a lender. A great lender can suggest different loan programs to help you determine which type of financing is best based on your circumstances and budget. Make certain to obtain a pre-approval letter as this is vital to show the seller that you are qualified to purchase their property.  Next, focus on the area in which you’d like to live.  It is important to check out school districts, shopping and dining, public transportation, recreational areas and crime statistics.  The final step before you begin your search is to list your priorities. Determine the features you are looking for in a house and figure out how high they rank on your scale of must haves. LUXE Living can then set up a daily listing which will send you a list of homes based on the criteria that you determine is important to you. There are great websites out there that you can visit which give you direct access to see what homes are available – Trulia.comRealtor.comZillow, and Movoto are just a few.  Keep in mind, however, that these websites aren’t always accurate because their systems are not updated as frequently as MLS Listings. After you find a home that you are serious about owning, LUXE Living will help determine if the property fits within your budget and will then work with you to come up with an appropriate offer to negotiate the sales price.  I look forward to this journey in helping you find your luxury dream home!


  1. ​Figure out your budget and get pre-approved with a lender
  2. List your wants and needs in a home & decide on the area you want to search for homes in
  3. Have a LUXE Living REALTOR® set up a daily search of homes that fit your criteria
  4. Schedule appointments to view properties
  5. Fall in love with a home
  6. Make an offer and let LUXE Living negotiate on your behalf
  7. Offer accepted!
  8. Get your mortgage rate locked in and secure your financing
  9. Have inspection completed and ask for repairs if needed prior to closing date
  10. Close and get the keys to your dream home!! ​​

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